Doorstep defecating ex-lover walks with a suspended sentence

Deka Ahmed, 41, pictured, allegedly assaulted her ex-boyfriend during the coronavirus lockdown

A boyfriend who harassed his ex-lover during a ‘very tumultuous’ relationship which ended with her defecating on his doorstep has been let off with a suspended jail sentence.

Deka Ahmed, 41, took a restraining order out against Silvestrs Rullis, 28, after accusing him of attacking her at her west London home and at Fulham Broadway station.

Deka Ahmed, 41, allegedly assaulted Silvestrs Rullis before turning on Raivis Melders when he intervened during the incident in South Kensington, London, on April 15.

Mr Rullis invited Ahmed round and the couple had several drinks before the mood turned sour and the pair began to argue, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Mr Melders rushed to help when Ahmed began striking Mr Rullis and smashed a glass cabinet in her rage, it was said.

It is claimed Ahmed then whipped his flatmate Mr Melders 15 times with her belt when he tried to intervene.

The court heard Ahmed and Mr Rullis had previously been in a relationship.