Thousands of Zimbabweans have benefitted from the Presidential Scholarship Programme, graduating with different degrees from countries such as South Africa, Algeria, Russia and China.

With the programme leaving a mark on the country’s academic prowess, has anyone ever wondered how the administrators of the scholarship are doing in the academic fraternity?

Yes the spotlight is on graduates who would have benefitted from the presidential programme, but behind the scenes are the administrators of the scholarship programme also writing their own pieces of history.


The Executive Director for Presidential and National Scholarships in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Dr Chris Mushohwe, who is also Zanu PF National Secretary for Economic Affairs, has been leading by example and this time around, he has earned his second PhD in Applied Ethics from the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Dr Mushohwe already has many academic qualifications befitting the administrator of a programme meant to empower not only the graduates but the country at large.

“I have post graduate diplomas in Public Administration (UZ) and Executive Leadership (Harvard- USA). I hold four masters degrees: the first in Public Adminisration (UZ), the second an MSc in International Relations (UZ), a Business Administration (MBA) (UK), and another in Peace, Leadership and Governance (Africa University). I also have a PhD in International Relations and this PhD in Applied Ethics,” said Dr Mushohwe.

While some people might think that Dr Mushohwe could have benefitted from the programme he administers, that is not so for the academic or any of his children.

“It is unethical and a breach of corporate governance policy to benefit from a programme you administer. So not even my family has gone to university under the scheme,” he said.

Education knows no age and Dr Mushohwe’s continuous self-capacitation through education should inspire many Zimbabweans especially in the ever-evolving global economy.

Zimbabwe boasts of being among the top African countries in terms of literacy rate thanks to the Presidential Scholarship Programme, and the government education policies which have inculcated a culture of academic excellence.-zbc