Drama As Deputy Mayor Refuses To Apologise After Leaking Nu_de Images On Social Media : See pics

Kariba Deputy Mayor Councillor Farai Mageva has become the latest person to have their nu_de images circulating on social media after the images leaked through a political group last week.


Some residents are up in arms against Mageva and have been demanding that she should apologise over the images. However, a defiant Mageva has stood her ground saying that she has nothing to apologise for as the images were meant to highlight a medical condition that she has developed.

When reached for comment by local tabloid H-Metro, Mageva said,

The photographs were of me and destined to a family group although they leaked into an MDC WhatsApp group.

I have been receiving calls from various people including journalists, but the truth is that the photographs were to show that my heart is swelling.


I visited my doctor who told me that it was an ECO and I saw nothing bad in informing and showing my relatives about such an illness.

As we speak I am not feeling well and many people are wishing me speedy recovery so I do not see the need to apologise to anyone in the community.