Drama As Wife Physically Assaults Detective Hubby
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Drama As Wife Physically Assaults Detective Hubby

A police detective was yesterday physically assaulted by his wife at the Harare Civil Court for refusing to pay maintenance for their four children.

Tambisai Kaibos accused her husband Mwanza Safuri, a Detective Inspector at Marlborough Police Station, of prioritising his girlfriends.

The assault took place shortly after Kaibos and Safuri had appeared before Harare Civil Court magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza yesterday.

Kaibos head-butted, punched and kicked Safuri before she was restrained. Kaibos was immediately arrested by court police officers after Safuri rushed into their post to make a report.

“You are a shameless man, how can you spend your salary with prostitutes when our four children are suffering with nothing to eat?” shouted Kaibos.

She told the police officers that Safuri was interested in prostitutes and ignoring his children.

“He went to his girlfriend’s house for over three months, leaving me and the children with nothing to eat,” she said.

Kaibos had dragged Safuri to the court where she was seeking a garnishee order after claiming that he was not paying maintenance on time and defaulting at times.

“I want the money to be garnished because he pays maintenance at his own time and at times he doesn’t pay anything,” she said.

Kaibos told magistrate Mr Nyatsanza that Safuri was neglecting his own children.

Safuri opposed the garnishee order saying it was impossible because the money he was getting was not enough as he was paying several accounts.

Mr Nyatsanza deferred the matter to today and ordered Safuri to bring his payslips.

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