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Drama at Masowe as Madzibaba gets thrashed by fellow congregants

by reporter263

A self-styled Domboshawa madzibaba was last week beaten by congregants for unruly behaviour at the shrine. Madzibaba Fadzanai of Johanne Masowe eChishanu allegedly drove congregants into anger when he stood in front of them declaring that he had assumed leadership of the sect, H-Metro was told.


The sect was led by one Madzibaba Christopher. Madzibaba Christopher said they had since banished madzibaba Fadzanai from their church for causing unnecessary problems.

“He challenged the church’s authority when I said one preacher to sit down. Munhu iyeye aisataura zviri pamweya saka takamuti amire kutaura ndokubva madzibaba Fadzanai vasimuka challenging our authority. “His behaviour prompted church members to make instant justice on him,” said madzibaba Christopher. Madzibaba Christopher said they no longer wanted madzibaba Fadzanai to preach or lead in song at their shrine. “We have failed to deal with him properly so we no longer want him to participate in our church activities.

There is no room for him to preach and lead in singing. For peace to prevail at our shrine we do not want him at the shrine,” said madzibaba Christopher. It is understood that madzibaba Fadzanai said congregants had to only listen to him as madzibaba Christopher was not qualified to lead the congregation. “He caused a scene at the shrine and congregants were irked by his actions. He is neither a prophet nor a senior member according to our church arrangements but he just came to impose leadership at the shrine,” said a congregant.

The mole said madzibaba Fadzanai was a trouble maker in their gatherings. “Fadzanai has given us a torrid time. We wonder what really the problem with him is. We war failing to carve our own respectable identity as Johanne Masowe because we have some elements who come to the shrine to cause confusion,” said the mole. Madzibaba Fadzanai could not be reached for comment yesterday but a congregant confirmed that he was beaten but is yet to lodge any complaint with the police.

Source-H metro


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