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ED PFEE song writer cheats death…. Singer’s house gutted by fire

by reporter263

Musician, Admire Sibanda and Chief Shumba who composed the popular ED Pfee song is leaving in fear following the torching of his homestead at Shanyurai village under Chief Mapanzure in Zvishavane.

Events of the past days have not been rosy for Chief Shumba, who said he received death threats on his cellphone and witnessed vehicle marks that made a u-turn at his homestead without the owners identifying themselves.

Next, Sibanda woke up to a blazing homestead.

Despite reporting the two incidents to police, he now fears for his life.

“I woke up at around 01.30 only to see the hut burning. I had previously reported two incidences in fear of my life but I am shocked by this latest incident,” he said.

“I am the one who saw the fire and when I woke my husband up, he was a little bit hesitant until he saw the kitchen almost down,” Chief Shumba’s wife, Memory Hungwe said.


Village head, Siza Muhliwa said the incident is a first for Shanyura village, setting a feeling of uneasiness among villagers, who are still shocked by this incident.

The villages have ruled the possibility of a candle or paraffin light having caused the inferno, saying the fire started on the eastern side of the thatched house.

All kitchen utensils were lost in the inferno.


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