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Editor Mabasa Sasa Sued For Adultery

by Lex Vambe
  • Mabasa Sasa claims he got the job because he is Charamba’s nephew and he boasts about it
  • Sasa is screwing Enacy on the promise of a permanent job
  • Marriage on the rocks
  • Amanda Sasa and Enacy Mapakane in nasty fist fight
  • Amanda paid $200 for Enacy’s broken glasses
  • Sasa not new to sex scandals , he bonked married Roselyn Sachiti Madziva, a fellow worker at Zimpapers
  • Angry Enacy’s husband Jeffrey Gogo is in the processing of suing mabasa for $30000


By TZN Correspondent

Married Mabasa Sasa , the Editor in Chief  of The Sunday Mail and nephew  of  George Charamba, is facing a $30000 in adultery damages from a man whose wife was having an extramarital affair while on attachment  at the newspaper, theZimbabwenewslive.com can exclusively reveal.

Although this issue has been kept under wraps , this paper has it on good authority  that  the lawsuit claims that Sasa and one of his sub-ordinates, Enacy Mapakame, both  married  were recently caught red-handed at Mukuvisi Woodlands, around Valentine’s Day, where they had booked a room .

Following the sex scandal, Enacy was moved from Sunday Mail to the Herald Business in June.

A few weeks ago, Enacy and Amanda, Sasa’s wife, were involved in a fist fight at the herald fourth floor at the elevators.


Amanda broke Enacy’s glasses into two. Enacy reported the matter to police .

Amanda was picked up and locked up until Sasa brought a lawyer to the police station who admitted Amanda broke Enacy’s glasses.The officer who handled the matter at Harare Central police confirmed the incidence.

Amanda has paid $200 to replace Enacy’s glasses. The two met again at the opticians, harsh words were exchanged with some physical encounter.

Enacy’s husband Jeffrey Gogo, a fellow journalist  is in the processing of suing mabasa for $30000 in adultery damages.unnamed

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This is not the first time Sasa has been involved in married subordinates.Sasa , when he was  Herald Deputy Editor got into trouble after getting involved with Roselyn Sachiti(32) in 2014 just before his appointment as  acting Sunday Mail editor.

The husband to Herald Features writer Roselyn Sachiti, Francis Madziva, a former Dynamos and Sporting Lions Football Club player went to Herald House and caused a scene after discovering inappropriate texts in his wife’s phone .The messages were from Sasa.

The husband went straight to Sasa’s, then boss Caesar Zvayi to express his displeasure .Zvayi manhandled Madziva while trying to cool tempers.

“Caesar Zvayi is the one who handled the hot scandal and kept it under the wraps”, a close at Zimpapers said.

Roselyn Sachiti

Roselyn Sachiti

Francis and Roselyn  two went on separation after the incident, and it’s not clear if they are back together. However, Francis’s Facebook page says the two are married with one child.

Jeffrey Gogo , Amanda and Enacy declined to comment when contacted by this paper . Mabasa Sasa did not answer his mobile phones .













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