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European Union Film Festival Comes Back To Zimbabwe

by reporter263

The EU Film Festival is coming back to Zimbabwe and this time the city of Kings and Queens will host the prestigious event first before it moves to Harare. The EUFF will be held from the 15th to the 19th of October at Gallery Delta. The Fil festival will then move to Harare after Bulawayo. The organisers of the festivals have encouraged participants/ artists to enrol before the 26th of September. The EUFF will this year debut a masterclass for aspiring filmmakers.

Speaking to the Standard EU public affairs and cultural diplomacy officer Dorothe Grebe said:

Once again, the European Union and its member states set the stage for the line-up of an acclaimed assortment of film. Everybody is on the guest list: admission to all movie screenings is entirely free. This year’s EU Film Festival offers a fresh cinematic experience: the carefully selected, multi-faceted programme presents art on a big screen canvas. While many movies are internationally-acclaimed and awarded, the focus moves away from mainstream narratives to a more and visually unique storytelling.

The workshop will focus on the arts department and will take place in Bulawayo and Harare respectively.
Additionally, each movie screening will be followed by a facilitated question-and-answer session to allow for questions, feedback and comments. Furthermore, the Zimbabwe film industry will have the opportunity to host inputs sessions to share, discuss and learn from each other

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