Ex-Supreme Court Judge Wilson Sandura Dies

JUSTICE Wilson Sandura, a former  eminent jurist on the Supreme Court bench, has died Wednesday at Avenues clinic in Harare where he was receiving treatment following car accident on the 27 of February this year in Mt Darwin .


He was 74.

“The accident happened in Mt Darwin two weeks ago and was in hospital until he died today”, a source has said

The high-profile judge left the bench at the end of July in 2011 , before the Supreme Court went on its month-long break in August.He is the only judge reported to have refused a farm offer under Mugabe’s controversial land distribution.

Justice Sandura, the most senior judge in the country after serving for nearly 30 years at the time of retirement , would be remembered as a forthright and fearless judge who saved his country with a constant mind, both in good and turbulent times.


There are fears that Sandura’s death could have been sanctioned by Mugabe’s government. Anonymous sources have disclosed that he was suspected to be a legal advisor to Joyce Mujuru’s Gamatox and had crafted a document for Didymus Mutasa’s bid to challenge Mugabe in court.