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EXCLUSIVE: VP General Chiwenga Murdered Solomon Mujuru?

by reporter263
  • ‘I am educated now and I can run the country’, he told a gathering in South Africa

General Solomon Mujuru died in 2011 in a fire at his Beatrice farmhouse just outside the capital Harare under mysterious circumstances

AIR Force Commander Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Phillip Sibanda and Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwengwa lead the funeral parade in honour of General Solomon Mujuru at One Commando Barracks in Harare

An inquest into Mujuru’s death concluded that there was no foul play despite speculation to the contrary.

General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga’s actions over the decades prove he might be responsible for Mujuru’s murder. He has proven to be a ruthless operator with no regards for his comrades and even his wives. In 2012 Nehanda Radio reported that a senior army officer said that there is even more serious infighting within the army over Mujuru’s death. This is because a secretly conducted investigation by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and police is accused Chiwenga of killing Mujuru.

It’s become very clear that General Chiwenga was gunning to succeed President Robert Mugabe and so determined to eliminate anyone opposing his plans. According to the report Chiwenga was running a hit squad within Zanu PF and the army which is seeking to assassinate anyone that he views as an obstacle.


Chiwenga’s bitterness with Solomon Mujuru

Solomon Mujuru and Dabengwa

In the 1980s it became public knowledge that Solomon Mujuru was sleeping with Chiwenga’s wife. The wife (not named for legal reasons) is also an ex-combatant. When Chiwenga was tipped off the affair soon after he returned from his post in Bulawayo where in 1981 was attested to the newly formed Zimbabwe National Army as a brigadier commanding First Brigade. One lunchtime Chiwenga returned home only to find his wife naked in his bedroom and Mujuru had escaped through an open window. Mujuru forgot his jacket and beret in Chiwenga’s bedroom. Chiwenga as a junior to Mujuru could not confront him, but he sent his wife and kids packing.

Later on, after failing basic Officers course at the Zimbabwe Staff College he bribed a junior officer to give him answers for practical Intermediate Staff Course. It is alleged that he accepted a green coded paper with suggested solutions which are available only after the exam. Chiwenga was expelled from the course after refusing to name the junior officer who had given him the paper. He then went on to shoot himself through the right shoulder in an attempt to end his life and was admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. To save himself from the military job, Chiwenga told President Mugabe that his senior Mujuru and the wife he had sent away affected his performance .He presented the Mujuru’s items that he had left in his bedroom. Mugabe gave Chiwenga a lifeline and since then Mujuru and him only had a working relationship.

How Chiwenga Cheated In the Exam

Constantine Chiwenga nearly died when he shot himself in attempted suicide after being caught cheating in a military examination.

Mr Freeth, who lives in Sittingbourne UK, revealed that his former pupil could have been thrown out of the Zimbabwean army on a charge of cheating but for him. The retired Army officer was part of the British Military Advisory and Training Team (BMATT) that oversaw the integration of guerrilla fighters and Rhodesian soldiers into one unified army after independence in 1980.

Mr Freeth was among the first batch of instructors to teach senior officers, including the then Brigadier Chiwenga, in 1982.He told the Sunday Times: “I knew him very well. I probably did too good a job!”But during one assignment he says the young Chiwenga, then in his 20s, handed in an essay which, apart from one sentence, was a word-for-word copy of a model essay given to students.

He told the Sunday Times he tackled his student, who claimed it was “coincidence.”

Mr Freeth said: “He knew he was in trouble. The commander of the Zimbabwean army had warned that anyone caught cheating would be thrown out and he’d been caught red-handed.”

The next morning, while Freeth was deciding what to do, a clerk ran in to say Chiwenga had shot himself in the chest and was in intensive care.

Freeth recalled: “He had shot himself not once but twice but, amazingly, missed the heart and lungs.”

“I knew him very well. I probably did too good a job!” – Zach FreethChiwenga survived and when he returned to the college, Freeth said nothing.Freeth said: “After that, the whole thing was forgotten. But he knew perfectly well I hadn’t shopped him and could have done.”

In 2003 Chiwenga became defence chief and invited Freeth to his office.

Mr Freeth said: “He gave me his card and said, ‘If you ever need anything . . .’ We both knew what he was referring to.”He added: “To this day, if you ask Chiwenga to remove his shirt you will see two puncture holes in his chest.”

Chiwenga and his relationships

Chiwenga has been married and divorced several times. His known first wife is in Mozambique and is a war veteran.

Chiwenga son Tawanda, far right

He then married another ex-combated who now lives in Nuneaton in United Kingdom and have four children, all boys.

Soon after he cohabited with a Harare socialite and businesswoman only identified as Mwamuka. Their relationship went sour after Mwamuka one lunchtime turned up at the officers’ mess at KG6 barracks and lashed out at Chiwenga. She scolded him that he was not man enough and barren . She told him of his poor bed performance in front of his colleagues. Chiwenga was so embarrassed and the wife was later restrained.Chiwenga parted ways with Mwamuka soon after .

Jocelyn Chiwenga kicked out of farm
Jocelyn Chiwenga kicked out of farm

In 1998 he later married Jocelyn Jacobsen (née Mauchaza) who was a waiter at Jobs Nightspot in Harare and they divorced in 2012. There were no children from his marriage to Jacobsen, but in June 2009, as the wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander, grabbed the triplets of a poverty-stricken mother who appealed for help on national television. Chiwenga is reported to have pulled up at the young mothers Unit F lodgings in a convoy of Mercs, accompanied by army bodyguards and said she was taking the three babies. The whereabouts of those kids is unknown today. Their divorce ended so bitter and went all the way to Supreme Court exposing a vast amount of wealth.Chiwenga also dragged his ex-wife to court over missing guns telling the courts Jocelyn used to beat him up with fists. Chiwenga with his influence used the military to evict and bar her from his properties.

In 2011 he married Marry (Mary) Mubaiwa, a former model and wife of footballer Shingi Kawondera, while still married to Jacobsen. Marry’s relationship to Chiwenga was through the late heroine Kiki Divaris whose Miss Zimbabwe project was a prostitution ring to recruit sex workers for chefs. Joice Mujuru and Oppah Muchinguri revealed in past interviews that these practices all started from Mozambique during the war of liberation and late Robert Mugabe, Solomon Mujuru and all used to get women of their choices that way.

In 2012 Marry bore their first child, a son, and a year later she bore a girl. In 2019, suffering from an undisclosed ailment, Chiwenga checked into a South African hospital. A fracas arose when his wife Marry visited him. She was later charged with attempted murder. In December 2019 Chiwenga filed for divorce from Marry citing infidelity issues, forged marriage certificate and that she takes drugs. It is also reported that one of their child’s DNA failed to match his. He grabbed his children and handed over Marry’s kids with footballers to her mother. Right now Marry spends her Christmas in prison.

Chiwenga is currently linked to other two women. Reports suggest that he plans  to reunite with his UK based wife, a move ZAOGA leader Ezekiel Guti has engineered .Chiwenga has a son who is a pastor in that church.

Kawome: Is she engaged to Chiwenga?

The other woman is Uncle Roland Muchegwa’s ex-wife, Michelle Kawome. Reports say Michelle is very unlucky when it comes to love relationships. After leaving an abusive relationship with South Africa based Zimbabwe tycoon Uncle Roland, she fell in love with a top married Harare lawyer who died behind wheels in December 2017.Kawome recently announced she is engaged to a mysterious man . Who is it? Mystery surrounds the circumstances leading to the fatal accident that claimed the life of prominent Harare lawyer, Edmore Jori who left behind his wife and three children.

Chiwenga’s Greatest Betrayal

On 6 November 2017, when Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was dismissed by President Robert Mugabe, he fled the country two days later, citing “incessant threats” against his family. At the time Chiwenga as army head was on an official visit to China, where he learned that Mugabe had ordered his arrest upon his return to Zimbabwe. However, soldiers loyal to Chiwenga, disguised as baggage handlers, overpowered the police at the airport and cleared the way for his arrival on 12 November 2017.On 13 November 2017, Chiwenga released a press statement chastising those responsible for the dismissals of government officials in the ruling ZANU-PF party. He warned that the armed forces would be forced to intervene should the “purging” not stop. In response, ZANU-PF’s spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo released a press statement accusing Chiwenga of “treasonable conduct”.

On 14 November it was reported that soldiers and armoured military vehicles were seen headed towards the capital, Harare. Several roads were later blocked in the city including the one leading to President Robert Mugabe’s private residence, as well as one leading to the ZANU-PF aligned national broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). In the early hours of the next day the military spokesperson, Major General Sibusiso Moyo, appeared on ZBC Television announcing that the military had not taken over the country and that the president and his family were safe. He also announced that the armed forces would be “targeting criminals around him [Mugabe] who are committing crimes… that are causing social and economic suffering in the country”. It was later reported that several ZANU-PF politicians and government ministers were detained or arrested, including the finance minister, Ignatius Chombo

In all this, Chiwenga has been disloyal to a man who has been by his side throughout his career, Robert Mugabe.

Attempts to kill his Brother Apostle Talent Chiwenga

Videos uploaded on August 17, 2019, have since been removed.

Solomon Mujuru’s death

“What led to his (Mujuru) death may have been political or some business enterprise that went wrong. There are people who think it was to do with a diamond mine in which he had some shares,” former War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube wrote. He added that Mujuru’s wife was destined to be President of Zimbabwe.

A simple reflection on the past of General Chiwenga tells a big story of brutal and ruthless  man with an ambition. Not so bright but the man either knows what he wants or at least he is advised to do so. Marry is a vulnerable 38 year old who is possibly seeking her way out. But what  Chiwenga’s life reflets is a man who can do anything for power and status. Saviour Kasukuwere has been linked to Mujuru’s death and he was the last man to see him alive.

Chiwenga bought a ring for exiled former ZANU PF Commissar Savior Kasukuwere during his wedding.

Hagiographer Douglas Rogers reveals in his book Two weeks in November that Chiwenga was Kasukuwere’s political mentor and godfather. He narrates that due to the father-figure influence that Chiwenga had on Kasukuwere the house of the exiled former PC was designed by the same people who did Chiwenga’s.

Read the narrative below:

The biggest mansion in the Borrowdale Brooke, overlooking the entire community from a high rocky promontory, is the private residence of General Constantino Chiwenga.

A neighbouring mansion on a steep hillside had no such qualms: the modern, cream-coloured, triple-storey palace of Saviour Kasukuwere, the ZANU-PF Political Commissar. With its Gatsby-like gables and reinforced walls and floor-to-ceiling bulletproof windows, it looked like something out of Malibu.

Ironically, as things were later to turn out, it was designed by the same architect as Chiwenga’s home in the Brooke, for Chiwenga had been a mentor and father figure to Saviour. Indeed, ED had been too.

Saviour was a daring young intelligence agent in the late 80s and 90s during and after the period that ED, as Minister of State Security, oversaw the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), the country’s secret police.

Saviour gained renown for a hair-raising 1991 operation when, aged 21, he helicoptered into the remote mountain hideaway of Mozambique’s RENAMO resistance rebels disguised as a journalist, locating the camp’s coordinates. ED used to walk to Saviour’s house for tea; Saviour would visit Chiwenga at the Titanic to watch Wimbledon tennis and Premiership soccer games

During August 1 2019 in Harare , a friend tells me when approached during a Politburo meeting on what to do with protesters in Harare, VP Chiwenga simply said “ Shoot Them “.

Soldiers later shot and killed at least six people during opposition protests..  Mnangagwa later established a commission of inquiry into the post-election violence, chaired by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe. At time of writing, the commission had not published its findings.-TheZimbabwenewslive.com

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