EXCLUSIVE:Why Parents should never send children to universities in Cyprus

Below is an article submitted by one of our readers who is based at a Cyprus University.


I am a first semester young girl who is studying at Near East University. I just got my University place and started school in February 2016. The following information I am going to tell you is 100% true.

Young Zimbabwean girls are turning to become pr_ostitutes in Cyprus. They are dating Ghanaians,Nigerian or Turkish men in order to get money. They are involved in unprotected se_xual activities with many men just for the wish to get money. THIS IS TRUE AND I SWEAR TO GOD. Parents you should talk to your children before it is too late.

The truth is no foreigner works in Cyprus, whether from Africa or USA. No student gets a job in Cyprus,It is  currently facing a 38% unemployment rate so I don’t know how it is possible for them to employ foreigners.

You can check on the Cyprus or TRNC local government website, they clearly state no foreigner works in Cyprus. Secondly, prices in Cyprus are expensive. 1USD = 3TL, and one loaf of bread is around 2USD when converted. So the 150usd pocket-money we getting from parents are one of the major reasons girls are now dating Nigerians to get money.

The so-called agents in Zimbabwe are busy lying to our parents that Cyprus is good so that they get money. Rumour says for every student they refer to Cyprus University they are paid 80usd minimum, so the more the students they refer to these universities the more money they get. To persuade parents to believe Cyprus is good they lie that food and jobs are available there.


Some of the Zimbabweans girls dating these Nigerians end up having se_xually transmitted diseases and in March 2016 about 26 zimbabwean girls were deported from Cyprus because of AIDS. About 13 deported from university of Lefke and 2 from Near East university.

My message to  parents is

1. Do not listen to these agents in Zimbabwe. Do your research alone

2. Give your female children enough money;things are not cheap in turkey or Cyprus. There are no jobs.

3. Talk to your children to abstain from se_xual activity.

Source-Citizen Reports