Farmer Kuda Musasiwa swindled R4000 by a coronavirus scammer

Kuda Musasiwa

Fresh In a Box vendor in chief and farmer Kuda Musasiwa has been swindled by an old man impersonating a government official.

‘Minister Simon Chisorochengwe’ claiming to be Zimbabwe government embassy official from South Africa congratulated Mr Musasiwa for his work ethic and nominated him to be given a free tractor pocketed more than 4000 Rands.

Mr Musasiwa said he has been too embarrassed to speak about the scam. Admitting he was absent-minded and foolish he parted with R4000 after being promised that the tractor will be in Zimbabwe in 24 hrs using diplomatic transport.

Mr Musasiwa described the scammer as an old sweet talking guy using the cell number +27781951497.

“These scams can be quite convincing and can lead to significant financial losses or even identity theft”, said Tawanda Muchanyuka ,a UK Based political analyst.


You can order fresh vegetables from Kuda Musasiwa ‘s website here