Fidelis Fengu ordained as a pastor in Ghana

A JACK of all trades but a master of none . . . Enigmatic character, Fidelis Fengu who was linked to many and different positions, socially, on and off the political sphere is now a man of the cloth, Sunday Life can exclusively reveal.

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Fengu was yesterday ordained as a pastor in Ghana, where he said he has been training for the last couple of months.

“I have been undergoing training since February. I am currently ministering to an interdenominational group here, where we host a lunch time prayer service daily. We also have a social media platform on WhatsApp, which we named the Hebrews 11 club. We have also started what we are calling Miracle Mondays, where we pray for people who believe in God for a miracle at work or business or other areas,” he said in an interview.

Fengu, who has been on and off the media’s eye, told Sunday Life that he was not sure where ministering would take him.

“I will see where God deploys me, maybe I might join the Good News under Prophet Angel or ECG Zimbabwe under Prophet Bushiri or LGMI Harare under Prophet Sisonke. We will see where God sends me,” he said reminiscing on his past.

“I think my past from as far as 1992 . . . 1996 when I spent a year on a wheel chair and how God raised me from it and allowed me to walk on my own two feet, the few months I spent living on the streets homeless, the life of a hustler . . . debts, politics, nine days in prison and everything that has happened in my life has been showing me that God loves me and I have experienced all these things so that I may show and inspire others through the holy spirit to accept Jesus and lean on him as a pillar of one’s righteousness,” said Fengu.

He added that he had faith that God would bless him with a wife, as he felt lonely.

“Maybe God will grant me a beautiful wife when I am done, maybe a Thando Thabethe or a Sandra Ndebele like,” he said.

Fengu said that his first mission as a pastor would be to pray for the revival of Bulawayo industries.

“My first prayer is for Bulawayo. God has to do miracles and open financial doors in Bulawayo. There are hardworking people like Sarah Mpofu, and many other businesspersons who must do well and create opportunities for young people. I believe Bulawayo is a God-fearing city that needs a strong financial revival so that milk and honey will flow in Bulawayo abundantly,” said the 30-year-old Fengu.