Fingaz business reporter withdraws gun threats charges
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Fingaz business reporter withdraws gun threats charges


Reporter Phillimong Mhlanga

Harare businessman Bulukani Scotch Masola is off the hook after a Financial Gazette reporter Phillimon Mhlanga withdrew the gun toting charges before the case could be heard in the courts.

Masola had been scheduled to appear before the magistrate courts on August 19 facing charges of threatening the reporter with a pistol over a story he was pursuing to do with pre-paid electricity meters.

Masola was still a managing director at Solahart Zimbabwe, one of the companies contracted by ZESA through the Zimbabwe Electricity and Transmission Distribution Company, to install electricity saving pre-paid meters in the capital city- Harare.

However following Mhlanga’s withdrawal the case has since been discarded and Masola has been vindicated.

“Masola, who had always insisted that his hands were clean, said he was unhappy because he wanted to stand trial in order to clear his name.

“I have never lost sleep over these trumped up charges. I was just waiting for the truth to come out,” Masola said.

“The withdrawal of the case did not surprise me because my accuser was going to be embarrassed had the case been heard,” he said.

Masola, however, said although he respects Mhlanga’s decision to withdraw the case, the negative publicity generated by the claims had caused great distraught to his family and business interests.

“I have a lot of respect for the members in the media but I believe that the journalists must be responsible and not abuse their freedom like in this case. It is the height of irresponsibility to pour malice and scorn on innocent citizens who are trying their best to play their party in this challenging economy,” he said.

Masola is a shareholder in Solahart Zimbabwe which operates the local dealership of Solahart international- a leading manufacturer and distribution of solar systems, domiciled in Australia.
Efforts to get comments from Mhlanga could not materialise as he was said to be preparing for examinations.

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