Footie Legend Japhet Mparutsa Sparks Debate on Moses Chunga

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moses chunga

JAPHET “Shortcat” Mparutsa, the first goalkeeper to win the Soccer Star of the Year award in Zimbabwe on Monday sparked an online case for Moses Chunga when he invited his fans to share their memories on the football legend.

He writes :

“Someone came to my inbox and said.. “Mukoma Japhet, you have not talked about Moses Chunga.. why?..”
I listened. Today let us talk about Moze.
Share your memories.
Be blessed and stay safe.”.117You, Noble Mapungwana, Marshall Shonhai and 114 others120 comments4 sharesGift MawireLikeCommentShare


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  • Gift Mawire Razor2Edit or delete this
  • Top fanNorman Snr Makwanya In Zim Football handisati ndasangana nemunhu akanga aine chipo secha Moses Chunga. I remember, I think it was a match between Dynamos( 7) and Ziscosteel (0),if my memory serves me right he scored from a corner kick direct mumambure. He was so talented during his days playing soccer.10Hide or report this
  • Kuzman Gutu Great talent but a bit like the Rhodesian Ridgeback😂3Hide or report this
  • Paul Mugodhi Charles The Zim. National team was training in Mutare and had a match against a Mutare selected team Moses played in that match as a left winger. I played as a right back. The main was quick on the ball and a clever dribbler. Japhet was in goal I did score. In that team I remember was Shambo, Stix, Ghetto.5Hide or report this
  • Top fanDennis Madzingo My brother, my hero, Zimbabwe’s finest, the legendary Mozeeee Moses Chunga. Thanks for the momeries.Hide or report this
  • Peterson Tengende For me, the most talented footballer the county had ever produced. He transformed a mediocre Dynamos into formidable champions. And when overseas scouts, unbiased, came to recruit real talent from Zim, they had no doubt who had it. It was Moses Chunga. He was unequalled during his time.9Hide or report this
  • Joseph Manzungu One of the most talented and creative midfielder ever …stubborn ,rude,creative,talented ,l think he lacked good mentorship4Hide or report this
  • Kenneth Khiwa Mhlanga Very talented player ,
    He had no good manager, he would have gone places and invested well.
    Discipline Zero,…See more4Hide or report this
  • Peter Hunda But I remember he took a long time to score past Japhet. When he eventually did I remember Japhet going to shake his hand. True class Japhet.4Hide or report this
  • Top fanRichard Sinenge Chunga popularly know as “Razor Man” u cannot speak of Zim, s finest players and leave him.He is another inductee in my hall of fame.very talented indeed and at the same time arrogant.His only weakness was on his defensive aspect of the game.He was a d…See more5Hide or report this
  • Keith Tendai Kapfidze Moses recuperating from injury, playing in the psl select vs national team. RahmanGumbo was following him everywhere. Mose realized it, walked to the touchline and set down and there was RahmanGumbo standing by him. I m sure he had instructions to make sure Moses doesn’t impress coz chaunga wanted in the dream team3Hide or report this
  • Lloyd Masimura Hapana ane mavideos a bambo here. because you can just imagine a great player in your mind. He must have been very good.2Hide or report this
  • Brian Muyengwa A very good guy and intelligent too,Hide or report this6
  • Top fanMalvin Dyoco First we start with puma football boots akanetsa mashutazi ayo 😂Moze Razorman very creative,skillful,vision yake mahwani I remember that killer pass he gave to Peter Ndlovu whilst playing for the national team even Peter himself felt proud and charismatic zvekumira pamusoro pe bhora during the game but very stubborn and also still loved in Belgium by fans of his former club7Hide or report this
  • Mangisi Khumalo A typical genious, maestro – conflicted on and off the field. I don’t think he neither understood himself nor was understood by those around him, players, coaches etc al. The only time I hated his guts was when he played against my team Highlanders, ju…See more12Hide or report this
  • Bhekizita Khumalo One of the most talented footballers but discipline…remember he had trials at Nottingham forest but….2Hide or report this
  • Abia Masotsha I had this picture on my plan book in my school days .It was from a PRIZE AFRICA MAGAZINE.if my memory serves me right.3Hide or report this
  • Top fanLovemore Mlauzie Moses Razor man Chunga who played any number in front and could pack with both feet and was stubbon with the ball.I remember one day Dynamos was beaten and he took the ball and started dribbling the opposite players showing that he was not beaten he was stil a hero.3Hide or report this
  • Sipepiso Evans Mhlope One friend of mine had a t-shirt written “Rovha Bora Moze”. He used to say when you run to Moze after the match ,he would say “Zwara wako”. Dont mind my Shona spelling kkk8Hide or report this
  • Sundire Raza great footballer a game changer at his peak on my opinion Chunga n Peter legends of beutiful game3Hide or report this
  • Musahloke MuPfekeri Did you that Moses Chunga had a terrible debut for Dynamos at Gwanzura Stadium…so terrible we couldn’t understand…

    But vakomana zvakazoitika after that…was mbora I had only seen from George Shaya & Archiford Chimutanda…take Ozil & multiply him…See more2Hide or report this
  • Farai Collin Makwembere Had the priviledge of watching the man after he arrived from Lyton Wolves as raw talent, razor sharp and clean shaven, a hairstyle that earned him the nickname Razorman after a popular radio drama character.He was a teenager who had it all from ball co…See more3Hide or report this
  • Farai Phiri one day at the NSS after a game btwn Caps Utd n Dyanamos, Robson Sharuko started a debate that I stil find interesting to this day,Chunga telling Charles CNN Mabika that hz the only Greatest Football Personality n CNN hitting bck saying it wz hz superl…See more3Hide or report this
  • Andrew Fernando He was given freedom of the city in Belgium, I don’t know of any African player honored in such a way2Hide or report this
  • Gitf Kandenga A legend par excellence Moze a great player and a marvel to watch in the field of play1Hide or report this
  • Charles Gwaze One of our greatest players. I think he was one of if not the first post independence players to move to Europe straight from Zimbabwe.2Hide or report this
  • Nyanga Brown Malungisa Very talented player.good at everything in the field of play.2Hide or report this
  • Nick Muganhu Mhoze ilevel rana Zidane ,movement, ball control, accuracy, passing dictating pace ye game, big game player. Dead ball specialist either left or right foot aiita zvese. If it was now he could have played for Juventus or Barca. Vazhinji variko ikezvino vaigara pabenji.
    Hatingaise Mhoze panze kuti Quadrado, Matudi or Raibot vatambe.6Hide or report this
  • Emmanuel Enock Masuku The most naturally gifted footballer I watched born in Zimbabwe. He holds an insane goal scoring record locally in one season3Hide or report this
  • Top fanRobert Ndhlovu The Maestro,magical touches. A marvel to watch3Hide or report this
  • Herbert Makamba He will always be Moses Chunga the great. One of my top five Zim players.2Hide or report this
  • Jonaldo Tino I nominated you for them 10 days challenge,,still waiting for your response2Hide or report this
  • Zwide Mihha Ndlovu Razorman, was watching his videos while in Belgium, daman is something else2Hide or report this
  • Reme Masamvu Wasted talent… could hv made any Premiership team & I used to be a Caps Utd supporter! Hated him but appreciated his talent3Hide or report this
  • Brian Nyakurukwa Moses Chunga ndomufananidza na Andy Brown good talent but stubborn hunhu hwakawa costa.kkkkk but no one played like Moses.2Hide or report this
  • Fanuel Nyamayaro Madyambudzi His pile driver against Express of Uganda at the Sports stadium was a master class.1Hide or report this
  • Charles Gwaze Just to throw in another player, what are your memories mukoma of playing against Hollywood star Andrew Shue?1Hide or report this
  • Kennedy Jamikel I remember Moses Chunga scoring our best goal keeper ever Japhet Muparutsa straight from a corner kick. Standing on the ball was banned after Chunga dribbled Willard khumalo and stood on top of the ball , khumalo lying helplessly on the ground.2Hide or report this
  • Mainja Felix Chunga is far greater than Messi4Hide or report this
  • Bigg Mike The all time goal scrorer noone have surpass him in Zimbabwean league1Hide or report this
  • Frank Chirumbwana Moses Chunga.Zimbabwe vs Egypt in the 80s1Hide or report this
  • Ruwona Erick Moses the only player I trusted to save the team single handedly even when the team was down and or not playing well. He was a maestro par excellence2Hide or report this
  • Paul Muranganwa Razor Man one pure talent.1Hide or report this
  • Top fanTendai Gwesu The man at his best see how the Karls player has been left to play catch up.Hide or report this2
  • Andrew Fernando Before he turned professional Ana Stix used to visit Moses Chunga mother place pavaitengesera to get entertained by the young boy’s ball juggling skillsHide or report this
  • Top fanItai Jongwe Moses Chunga yoooooh wat a football genious, a complete footballer who ddnt care who was assigned to mark him,too confident, very arrogant, unselfish to feed Max Makanza in da box, thru hm Skorokoro went Overseas, Bambo the best as thy cum, rare talent, top marksman, ddnt shy away to make hs views& feelings known…cant play for peanuts.Hide or report this
  • Lawrence Chari 46 goals is nt a joke1Hide or report this
  • Given Tumbo He dribbled Douglas Mloyi ku BF akabuda mu ground. When British came back mu ground the ball was in Captain Oxo’s safe pair of hands. This other day he was tightly marked by Super Netsai ku Rufaro. When he got the chance he dribbled him and Netsai akakambaira. Mozy was bad news kkkk.4Hide or report this
  • Chitapi Edwin I remember a young Mozi, nicknamed the razor man. He was 19 then when he came to Mkoba stadium to play Bata power! Very arrogant as we thought of him. Fans were looking foward to greet this dribbling wizard who had just suddenly taken Zimbabwean footba…See more1Hide or report this
  • Kingstone Chamunorwa Duri He made his debut ’82 I I think , ’86 soccer star of the yr & top goal scorer , ’87 , he played for Dembare in Champions League vakarova free kick from about 30 – 40m , there can never be another like RazormanHide or report this

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