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Form 3 pupils visit n’anga after losing cellphone

by reporter263

 Some Form 3 pupils from Mupatsi Secondary School near Sadza in Chikomba are said to have enlisted the services of a n’anga after one of the classmates lost his mobile phone.
The pupil who had allegedly stolen the phone got a strange illness after the visit to the n’anga.
Rumbidzai Muvadi, sister-in-law to the accused confirmed that her relative got sick after picking the phone school and had a strange illness which only disappeared after Pastor Mugove Gutsa from AFM prayed for him.
“Yes my brother-in-law got sick a day after he picked up a phone which belonged to his classmate but he is fine now because he was prayed for by an AFM pastor here in Mupatsi. We just thank God that he is back to normal,” said Muvadi.
The Mirror spoke to the accused who cannot be named because of age. He told The Mirror that he learnt a lesson the hard way and will never take anything that does not belong to him.
The school head Cosmas Java could neither confirm or deny when contacted for a comment by The Mirror.
Sources said the accused picked up the phone on a Thursday and went home. At home he was advised to return the phone the following morning and look for the owner.
The owner of the phone, (name given) looked for his phone but could not find it. That is when he and friends visited an elderly n’anga called Fondakha asking her to make the culprit go mad for stealing his phone. Fondakha however, denied the request but rather suggested that they bring a black hen to her and she would tell her the name of the person who took the phone.
After failing to get a black hen, they visited Madzimai Heavy Nisha of Madzibaba yeNguwo Tsvuku Apostolic Church and rituals were done.
After a few hours the accused brought back the phone and he thereafter fell ill. He also lost his voice.
Villagers are however, said to be angry with Madzimai Heavy Nisha who has not been seen since the illness of the boy. -Mirror

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