Former ZBC presenter urges Zimbabweans to push out Mugabe’s brutal regime

Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight has challenged the Zimbabweans back home to soldier on with the struggle for freedom from the brutal regime of President Robert Mugabe indicating that release of Pastor Evan Mawarire from prosecution was not the end but the beginning of the struggle.
Knight said a  fly that refuses to leave a dying body will be buried together with the dead body.
“Now fellow Zimbabweans I feel obliged to warn you, in case we get overzealous. By the release of Pastor Mawarire we have just won a battle and not the war. This is the beginning and not the end. Yes God is there but we have part to play and He plays His,”  he said. “Even the Israelites had to defeat Pharaoh, and do the impossible to cross the Red Sea before reaching the Promised Land. The promised land did not come to them while they were seated.”
He said with all due respect, its not enough to shut down Zimbabwe, after all what is there to shut when industries and businesses are already shut in the country.
“The people who must shut shop now are the civil servants, the police, the army, the airport personnel and all those working in governments because practically speaking, they are the ones who are still going to working and giving a lifeline to this unjust government we are fighting. Stop these from going to work,” he said.
 “They are serving the same regime that we want to eradicate. I again urge all and sundry, no violence please, just stop the evil system from functioning, thats all. And as you do so, do it prayerfully and you will see the power of God blending with the power of the masses. Nothing and nobody can stand in the way.”
“Zimbabwe Hoye! Asisafuni and Asisesabi. Hatichada and Hatichatyi. To all components of the evil system I say, its not time to arrest people, its time to arrest the nation’s problems. God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!” he said.