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Friday the 13th: Ginimbi Farewell ‘Funeral Party’

by reporter263

On Friday the 13th, well most know what this invokes in the minds of the superstitious, there will be a huge farewell ‘Funeral Party’ for Ginimbi at his Domboshava mansion.

The party will see many of Ginimbi’s party friends coming in to bid farewell to their beloved who himself organised successful epic parties when he was still alive.

A first of its kind, people are expected to bring their own alcohol since the ‘king’ himself is no longer present to dish out free shampopo.

Ginimbi’s PR manager Ms Shelly will provide further details.

There have been rumours that Ginimbi will be buried in a Versacecoffin with some indicating the casket is already in the country.


In a post by social media influencer, Wellence Mujuru also confirmed this and posted the alleged coffin.

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