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From Maid To Lawyer… Zimbo Woman Shocks SA Employers See pics

by reporter263

A Zimbabwean woman who was working as a domestic worker shocked her South African employers when she told them she had completed her LLB degree.

Actor Tim Theron and his wife confirmed that their 30-year-old domestic worker Barbra Gurupira informed them that she had worked her way through law school by using her salary to fund her studies.

She complaeted her studies in October, bagging a few distinctions in the process.

Now all she needs is her articles to get her law career off the ground – and the Therons are on a mission to help her.

Asked how Gurupira shared her story with them, Theron said it came up in a simple conversation about her five-year-old child, who she had left back at home in Zimbabwe with her grandparents.

“She said she was studying and we asked her what she was studying. She said she had just finished her LLB degree, but being from Zimbabwe, she had no massive network to get her connected to people who could assist her in doing her articles,” said Theron.


“My wife and I decided to help.”

The couple posted Gurupira’s story on their social media accounts.

Within hours, several people had responded, tagging law firms and lawyers they knew. Others requested Gurupira’s CV.

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