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Fungisai, good girl gone bad?

by reporter263

FELLOW musicians have urged “gospel” singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave to develop a thick skin after becoming the latest victim of cyber bullying due to her dressing and collaborating with Zimdancehall artiste Killer T.

Some music fans and her “haters” have accused the diva — who now spots dreadlocks — of being unChristian by performing in clubs, and wearing raunchy clothes while on stage.
She also shockingly revealed recently that she is not a gospel musician and never wanted to be labelled as such.

Fungisai says while the cyber bullying — which has also come from competing musicians — is affecting her and contemplates quitting the profession altogether, she has no regrets singing Zimdancehall as her music is targeting ghetto youths.
Bassist and fellow musician Edith WeUtonga urged Fungisai to fight on as she is on the right path.

“You can’t preach to the converted, if her collaboration and dressing made the younger generation pay attention to her, then she’s got herself some fans that might turn to God in the future.
“I am disappointed at how fellow artists have taken a dig at Fungisai just to push their rates and popularity. There is nothing surprising about the collaboration that she did with Killer T to warrant all the cyber-attacks.

“What is so bad about Killer T that Fungisai in her ‘calibre’ shouldn’t have collaborated with him? She is diversifying as an artiste and I say kudos to her for arriving at the Zimdancehall venue the way she did.”

Gospel singer Agnes Gudza aka Eglada said people need to understand that Fungisai is an artiste and a very talented one for that matter.


“Zimbabweans need to now shift and understand that in doing dancehall music she is still the same artiste. They need to listen to the music, the message and appreciate her as an artiste.
“I think Tuku has always encouraged even gospel artists to go and sing in bars where their message is needed using the artistry that one has.

“That is the same with Fungisai — in her new dancehall song with Killer T, she did not insult anyone or say anything bad. She is still encouraging people and relaying an important message.” Gudza said some people are jealous and do not want to see other people doing well and prospering — that’s all.

“Vanoshora nekunyeya (they look down and gossip) and they always try to bring a good person down. Fungisai has proved to be a great artiste, listen to the air around — people are playing and singing along to . . . vanondibatirana . . . so I do not know why people keep fighting her.”

Zimbabweans, Gudza added, should accept that Fungisai is talented and can do anything.

“As far as her dressing is concerned, haana kumbofamba akashama (she has never gone naked). She dresses well and every artist wants to be different. She has her own way to express herself as an artiste — hands off the diva and her art!”
Alexio “Goodchild” Gwenzi said he knew Fungisai from mission school as she was in the same class with his sister Patience Gwenzi.

“I even believe she took a few notes from my sister. Fungisai used to be called Gogo Fungie and she sang dancehall at Nyazura Adventist. I even know the song she liked to sing achirova (hitting the) desk! Then after school we heard she was doing gospel.

“My point is people should just let her be what she is — she is an artiste and not a pastor. Besides, her collaboration with Killer T is a dancehall genre but with a gospel message.
“She has managed to preach to a multitude of Zimdancehall fans who normally would not listen to Baba Charamba — so that is her mission.

“If Jesus had come to earth with all His shimmering glitters of heaven maybe we would not have accepted Him, but He became one of us born in a normal poor family and managed to preach the word at that level. So I guess that’s what Fungisai is trying to do.”

Goodchild maintained there are two types of gospel artistes.
“The first one enters the scene as a calling to genuinely spread the word and win souls to Christ even if they do not make profit out of it they will still be comfortable to maintain the same standards of life as long as they break even. The second one enters the music scene to make money but writing religious music is their strength!”

Singer Mono “Gwenyagitare” Mukundu said local Christians are very judgmental.

“I dislike the way they are dissing Fungisai. I can’t even notice where the joke is. She has rebranded herself and given herself new life just like Maddonna . . . she must just ignore them. Vari kutopusha zita rake (they are pushing her name forward) unknowingly . . . ndaavasiye vapushe (she should let the push her up).”

Dancer Kessia Magosha feels it is very unfair to judge Fungisai.
“As an artiste, she has the freedom to express her opinion. It’s not a crime to change your outlook to life. People should just give her a break. A man’s meat is another man’s poison!”
Musician Tina Watyoka said Fungisai’s problem affects those associated with a certain kind of audience for a period of time.
“Once you paint a certain picture of yourself to the audience, deferring from it will always create problems.

“The duet song with Killer T was the fatal blow because if it had been with a gospel artiste like Michael Mahendere there could not have been any problem. Personally, I feel the collaboration with Killer T was great.

“Everything started when she changed her hairstyle to dreadlocks which are deemed radical in the Christian society. Her dressing only added fuel to the fire.” —Maxwell Sibanda

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