Furious Sikhala Vows to Fight Munangagwa Over Mugabe Assasination Claims
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Furious Sikhala Vows to Fight Munangagwa Over Mugabe Assasination Claims

Movement for Democratic Change senior cadre  Job ‘Wiwa’ Sikhala has vowed to fight a Zanu PF faction led by  Emmerson Munangagwa pound for pound for allegedly “accusing” him of conspiring with VP Joice Mujuru to topple Mugabe.

Mr Job Sikhala
‘I am ready to fight you pound for pound, man for man’…..Mr Job Sikhala

A seething Sikhala vowed Sunday to take the Zanu PF Legal secretary and Justice Minister to the cleaners over a report carried in the Sunday mail with the paper claiming that they are in possession of an audio recording of a meeting held at a secret location in Harare on November 14.

It is claimed  that  Mr Job Sikhala met emissaries from Vice President Mujuru’s faction at an undisclosed location in Harare to discuss the formation of a coalition to topple President Mugabe. They also discussed plans to launch a Constitutional Court challenge against First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe with the ultimate objective of humiliating the President.

The Sunday Mail published the transcript of the recording as Mr Sikhala speaks to the emissaries whose identities are withheld.

Sikhala, however denied the accusations and took it to his facebook to express his displeasure.

“Without provocation the evil Mnangagwa gangster has started a war against me and thought they can cow everyone. Ini handisi wokusvutirwa mbanje womuka uchingondivhumikira if you are not prepared for the fight. You have invited me to the boxing ring, lets play it gentlemen. I dont have the Herald to spew nonsense against rivalries. My Facebook page is an adequate platform to engage in the biggest battle against this gang which thinks that they have been murderers of the people of Zimbabwe they can do whatever they want against everyone. The circus in town exhibited by Grace Mugabe must not give them false invincibility. The end is nigh you blood suckers. I am back in the country and I am ready to fight you pound for pound, man for man. Even corpses of those they killed know that they are a cursed lot”, charged Sikhala.

It is not clear how Sikhala and his alleged emissaries had intended to topple Mugabe but earlier this week, there have been suggestions that a faction led by Joice Mujuru had hatched a plan to assassinate Mugabe.

In the arrangement, the Herald paper claimed that the parties proposed making VP Mujuru president and Mr Tsvangirai the deputy or alternatively prime minister just like the arrangement in Russia between President Vladimir Putin and premier Dmitry Medvedev.

This is not the first time Job Sikhala has been linked to assassination plots.In March 2002, he along fellow former parliamentarian Tafadzwa Musekiwa were accused of approaching  Perence Shiri   in January with an offer of ZWD10 million  to cross the floor to the MDC and ensure the military did not revolt against Tsvangirai if he came to power.

This was revealed when Tsvangirai faced treason charges for allegedly plotting to assassinate Mugabe before the presidential poll in 2002, by using a Canadian-based company with military links.
The company, Dickens and Madson, blew the whistle on the alleged plot three weeks earlier, and alerted Zimbabwean authorities about the plot. It also handed to police video footage of the assassination plans, which Tsvangirai allegedly sought because he was not Confident of winning the presidential poll.

Late Last week, MDC-T Spokesperson Obert Gutu distanced his party from any links to Zanu PF infighting ahead of a congress early next month.


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