General Chiwenga Set to take over Presidency after ZANU PF December conference

General Chiwenga is set to take over as Acting president of the country in December when President Emmerson Mnangagwa takes his annual leave.

The Vice President who has been away on a medical pilgrimage in South Africa, India and China returned in the country looking visibly strong.

ZANU PF sources told this reporter that close allies of President Emmerson Mnangagwa are advising him against taking the long month sabbatical for fear of a revolt that might take place in his absence.

“The President will be taking his annual vacation and Number 2 will be the one that will take charge as the Acting President,” the source said. “There has an unease in some comrades who feel that the long absence of the President and leaving power to Number 2 might create an era of uncertainty in the country. You will recall that in January when the President went to Euro-Asia there was a violent protest that rocked the leading to loss of life. And alsoAdvertisementthere was a faction of ZANU PF that convened meetings to plot an impeachment but that was thwarted. So the President is being advised to take a proper steps during this period of uncertainty.”

Political analyst Kelvin Mazhandu said, “President Mnangagwa knows very well that umbeki wenkosi kabusi layo. So the kingmaker who is credited for waging against the late Robert Mugabe may not be trusted to handle the country for too long.

“What I am envisaging is that you might another protest happening and the Acting President responding in brutal manner that will lead to or spark early seeds of a natural revolt that may be the beginning of the end of ZANU PF. And with the intrigue that has been taking place, it is not wise for Mnangagwa to be away for a full month outside the country.”


There has been long standing reports of a plot to impeach President Mnangagwa by some elements in ZANU PF.