Ginimbi: a fuel, grain, cigarettes smuggler who made it big

Ginimbi: a fuel, grain, cigarettes smuggler who made it big.

THE late flamboyant businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure allegedly amassed some of his wealth through fuel smuggling, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Ginimbi challenged Mawere to take the matter to the police arguing that he had settled the debt.

Chivayo then leapt to Mawere’s defence and accused Ginimbi of being a fuel smuggler.

He registered his sentiments via a tweet.


Ginimbi did not respond to the allegation but now in his post death period, fresh details emerge suggesting that there is credence to Chivayo’s claims.

“Well, yes he was involved in fuel smuggling and had just started cigarettes,” a source told Zim Morning Post.

“His main business was domestic gas but many players came in and the demand went low hence he decided to try fuel and sometimes grain. It’s actually a syndicate comprising many bigwigs and the youngest being Brassington Muchegwa (Uncle Rolen’s son),” revealed our source who is in the late tycoon’s circles.

Several conspiracy theories have been flying around  following Ginimbi’s death but official records reveal that he is the founder and chief executive of Pioneer Gases which is a subsidiary of Piko Trading.

Piko Trading has under its wings South Africa based Rivonia Gases and Botswana based Pula gases.

He had recently ventured into security.

In February, Ginimbi was arraigned before Harare magistrates court facing fraud charges after he allegedly forged the value of a Bentley vehicle he had bought at LSM Distributors (Pvt) Ltd, trading as Bentley Johannesburg in Melrose Boulevard, Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2019.

The State claimed Kadungure paid US$81 000 duty charge instead of US$139 666.09, leading to a prejudice of US$58 665.09 to Government.

Ginimbi died in an accident on Sunday and three of his friends also perished.

Condolence messages have been pouring in and he is set to be buried on Saturday in Domboshava.

Those close to him insist Ginimbi was a genius entrepreneur who took advantage of the crisis obtaining in every sector of Zimbabwe and rode on it like any other Zimbabwean who has capital and money.