Ginimbi Death: Distribution Of Wealth and Assets Revealed

Following Ginimbi’s tragic death on Sunday, a number of questions have been on people’s lips. For starters, how he accumulated all the wealth he has, what going to happen to all the wealth that he accumulated over the years now that he is gone.

Ginimbi’s Business Manager Shaleen Nullens set the record straight about Ginimbi’s businesses and his wealth. She revealed that the late Ginimbi was a businessman whose empire stretched to neighbouring companies including Botswana and South Africa.

Following his death, some were already coming with conspiracy theories about him being involved in occultism, particularly the use of snakes and juju to acquire his wealth. However, his friends, the Manager, and the long-serving maid came through to his defence as they set the record straight.

Shaleen Nullens silenced rumours that are circulating online about Ginimbi using juju to accumulate wealth. She explained that Ginimbi was a business-minded person who was always on the lookout for the next opportunity.

She revealed that Ginimbi founded more than seven companies adding that his gas company in Botswana is in the top three gas companies with over 100 employees there. Besides the gas business, she said Ginimbi was also in the truck business.


On the question of inheritance, Nullens said that Ginimbi’s family was not worried about who will inherit what at the moment since they are mourning their departed relative.

Watch as Ginimbi’s manager speaks about his businesses and what will happen to them now that he is dead: