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Businessman Genius Kadungure known for his massive parties says he is not a party animal.

While acknowledging that Genius spares no expenses when he hosts parties, his Johannesburg-based spokesperson Shaleen “Ms Shally” Nullens was quick to point out that the young businessman was not a party animal.GINIMBI : I'M NOT A PARTY ANIMAL

“Though many view Genius as a party animal, partying is not what he always does when he is not in the office.He is busy mentoring five young upcoming entrepreneurs, assisting them with viable strategies and funding. Genius also visits at least one charity home quarterly helping with donations,” she said.

Genius’ spokesperson added that the young businessman had accumulated a lot of wealth thanks to hard work.“As many would know he drives only top brand cars- Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Rolls Royce.

These are the cars you will find in his garage. “Genius loves to travel and spend time with his friends in his top class penthouse in Sandton, where only top business executives can afford to buy. Though the penthouse is his favourite, he has two more big houses in the top class places in South Africa,” claimed Ms Shally.

According to Genius’ public relations officer, the young businessman’s road to the top was awash with obstacles. “Genius’ fortune did not come his way easy. He constantly had to be on his toes in order to prove himself to get bigger deals .Giving up was never an option. No matter what came his way he knew he had to keep going.


“He managed to buy his own car within the first year of trading; thereafter as his entity grew he bought himself a Mercedes Benz S Class. His journey was not a smooth one but surely inspires the youth that you can surely achieve anything you want if you do not give up,” claimed Ms Shally.The socialite has been in a relationship with businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla who reportedly missed the recent birthday celebrations but Ms Shally refused to reveal whether the two businesspersons are still an item.

“Genius is very happy with his current status and would appreciate if people could respect his privacy when it comes to his relationship,” was all she could say.zmetro

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