Ginimbi Visiting Sister Nelia In Dreams

Nelia Kadungure has shared another emotional message from Alice who shared with her the dreams that Ginimbi had for her. Nelia is the heir of 60% stake of Ginimbi’s wealth after he died in a horrific car crash.

The message reads:

Today l just sat down reminiscing on the conversation we had with Gini at the mansion which l now call the palace. I tried to convince him to change the name once all the renovations that he wanted done and the Italian furniture he wanted buy(hey, it almost took the whole day to pick the furniture) and how he wanted to go and see the furniture in person and come to the UK for 6 months after Covid and you came into the conversation. 

He had so many dreams and aspirations for you. He wanted you to do better than him. I know it’s even harder for you and even harder for me but we look to God for comfort. We will always cherish the good moments we had with him but focus and remain prayerful be careful of who you let in your life. 

Ginimbi tried to protect you from all the intruders he knew would confuse you. Always remember his advice. You know it may seem strange but he will communicate with you in your dreams. He is physically not with us but in spirit he is. It is so painful l know and l feel your pain it’s just so hard to imagine life without him………

Kindly see the picture of the message.