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Ginimbi’s Best Friend Boss Tumelo Involved In Car Crash

by reporter263

Boss Tumelo, one of Harare’s big spender, friends with late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure, got into an accident and luckily survived with minor injuries.

The accident took place at Pamastones in Highfield Harare at the traffic lights at around 2 am.

However, Boss Tumelo, is in a stable condition but his vehicle did not survive.

When Ginimbi was still alive, Boss Tumelo was a guest at Ginimbi’s Bulawayo party and every other party hosted.

Ginimbi was flanked by trusted lieutenants like Boss Tumelo, DJ Rimo Jackson, Patrick Chimpa and Hedley Mobbs at a private hotel. At an exclusive event where Bulawayo’s bold and beautiful came out to play, Ginimbi and his boys took advantage of the expensive moment as they treated the taste buds of Bulawayo’s most active social animals to the finest alcohol that money can buy.

Veuve Clicquot Rich champagne, costing as much as US$140 a bottle, flowed. Ginimbi and crew were ready to call it a night by 2 am as they knew that the Saturday they had welcomed with expensive liquor was granting them the promise of better things to come.


Recently, he shared a video in rememberance of his late friend on Instagram.

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