Ginimbi’s tense facial expressions in coffin revealed

Ginimbi’s ex girlfriend Danielle has revealed Ginimbi’s shocking facial expression during body viewing in the coffin. Danielle says Mrs Shally who was Ginimbi’s manager told her that Ginimbi was mad and tense during body viewing.

Writing on her Instagram story, Danielle said “Finally spoke to Shally, l guess we where both avoiding the conversation she said your face was made in that coffin, That broke me l know they say God’s timing but that wasn’t your time you where still in your prime!! So many selfish reasons l didn’t come to your funeral and hearing this just made me even more mad.”

A day after Ginimbi died, Danielle posted a heartbreaking message mourning her beloved ex. Below is the message on Instagram

Whose Gona Come Pick Me Up From The Airport When I Land G, Whose Gona Say D “T

ora Cherry Plum Mu Fridge” Cause That Was Our Thing, Whose Going To Say “D Ah Ah Chimbomira” When I Get On Your Last Nerve, Whose Gona Call Me From Downstairs Shouting “D Food Is Ready” When U Get On My Last Nerve, Whose Gona Hi5 With Me & Burst Out Laughing Now G When We Gossip About Those HATERS & HOES, Who Am I Going To Send Stuff To On Insta, Dms Were Our “Daily’s”

I Went Through My Phone Desperately Looking For Memories But I Can Hardly Find Any, Taking Pictures Wasn’t Really Our Thing We Always Just Lived In The Moment💔


I’m Lost, I’m Confused G, I’m Broken It Feels Like I’m Floating, It Feels Like Someone Has Ripped Out A Part Of Me From The Depth Of My Soul, These Tears Cant Stop Falling!!

Who Am I Supposed To Make Plans With Now G, Genius Kadungure This Wasn’t The Plan💔

My Timeline Is Showing Me A Reality I Will NEVER Accept, What Are People Actually Saying, We Just Spoke G Why Are They Saying You Should Rest, Rest For What Exactly💔

No One Understood Us & We Were Ok With That, You Would Say “Siyananeni Na D Hamungazvikwanise” Just Know That This IS A Forever Thing!!! I Can NEVER EVER Write RIP Attached To Your Name I’ll Say “Party In Heaven G” That’s The Only Consolation I Have Right Now, This Hit Me Differently💔💔💔