Godfrey Zaburoni, who infected partner with HIV, has visa cancelled in Australia

A Zimbabwean-born acrobat who was convicted for infecting a partner with HIV has had his visa cancelled and has been taken into immigration detention.4637796-3x2-340x227

Godfrey Zaburoni had unprotected sex with at least 12 Australian women, including his ex-partner of two years, who he lied to about his medical history.

In 2013, he was jailed for more than nine years for intentionally infecting the Gold Coast woman with HIV.

While he admitted to infecting her, he argued he did not do so deliberately and was ignorant about how the virus was transmitted.

The High Court overturned his conviction in April arguing there was insufficient proof the transmission was deliberate.

Zaburoni was resentenced — on a lesser charge — and released from prison with a suspended sentence.


He has been taken into immigration detention.