Gonyeti to Excavator : Jah Prayzah ‘s new pair of legs
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Gonyeti to Excavator : Jah Prayzah ‘s new pair of legs

Jah Prayzah’s new dancer, Excavator says she dumped gospel because it did not pay her bills.

Excavator, real name Thobekile Nleya, is the daughter of Pastor Kamba Nleya, or simply Pastor K of the Family of God Church in Bulawayo. She said although she has been in the gospel industry for 10 years, it was not paying the bills and hence the change of genre.

“I changed from gospel music because I needed some form of income and gospel music wasn’t paying that much. I haven’t left gospel music entirely because I’m still a Christian, I still go to church and I still believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. One day when things are in place I’ll be able to go back to my first love which is gospel music.

She said as any respectful daughter, she asked her father what he thought about the decision she made.
“My dad is very supportive of what I do although he prefers me to sing gospel. When I told him last year he sat me down and gave me the pros and cons of the decision I was making,” said Excavator.

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