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Gonyeti says she slept with Jah Prayzah

by Lex Vambe

Popular dancer, Gonyeti says she slept with Jah Prayzah to secure her place in his band and frequently afterwards to keep her place.

She is now claiming compensation from the lanky musician. But Jah Prayzah’s lawyer, Eddie Hamunakwadi has told her that she will get nothing from the musician.
Hamunakwadi yesterday told H-Metro that it was strange that a person abused would seek compensation from the abuser instead of lodging a complaint with the police.

“He believes it is an attempt to extort money from Jah Prayzah in the hope that he would do anything to avoid bad publicity. Jah Prayzah’s lawyer added that given the motive, any attempts to even discuss with Gonyeti would be used to suggest the musician was admitting to the claims. And for that reason, a letter was tendered to Gonyeti’s lawyer yesterday to advise her that they were not going to engage in any compensation talks but would rather meet in court.
Gonyeti is also claiming money for outstanding fees on studio work.
“Firstly, you would be aware that at a meeting conducted at our client’s offices on the 20th of September 2016, it was agreed that you reduce your client’s monetary claim for alleged outstanding payments to writing to enable our client to properly respond to same but to date we still haven’t received your client’s written claim.

Secondly, we wish to categorically register our client’s displeasure and dismay at your client’s outrightly unpalatable, grotesque and immoral allegations against him. Our client is quite aware of a systematic agenda being at your client’s instance to tarnish his image and decimate his integrity should he not meet your client’s malicious demands. He is also aware of all the people that your client has so far approached seeking to manufacture evidence necessary to buttress her sickening allegations.

Clearly the conduct of your client, demonstrates a sustained campaign to ensure that our client’s rising star wanes. we therefore accordingly advice that our client will not pander as your client’s extortionate and selfish monetary demands to appease fabricated and malicious allegations which have absolutely no place in modern-day civilization. For avoidance of doubt our client is more than ready to have his day in court if need be to protect and defend his name and integrity,’ read the letter by Hamunakwadi.

Jah Prayzah is currently in South Africa shooting the video to Mdara Vachauya. The title track to his latest album.


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