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Gospel singer brings hookers to wife

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Steve Kekana
Steve Kekana

Steve Kekana

“TAKE Your Love” hitmaker South African gospel singer Steve Kekana allegedly told his wife Ntsiki to keep her love.

This was after he hit her in the face and refused to make love to her for a year. Kekana also allegedly moved out of their Jozi house after complaining that she roughly pushed him away in one of their bedroom sessions in 2014.

The partially blind veteran muso also allegedly cheated on her with three concubines, and even brought one of them into their home in Alberton, south of Joburg. The two had been embroiled in a bitter battle over the division of their estate since Ntsiki’s refusal to sign a proposed settlement agreement drafted by the artiste.

The estate war even nearly burst onto the public domain wwwhen Kekana prohibited Ntsiki from entering their Zebediela house in Limpopo and threatened to call police on her if she did not leave the premises. Asked for his account, Kekana declined to comment.

“My answer to all your questions is no comment,” Kekana said.

The startling tidbits were revealed by Ntsiki to Sunday Word last week. The distraught wife said Kekana had even subjected her to sex starvation.


“Whenever I touched him, he would roll over to the edge of the bed and sleep, saying he had a problem,” Ntsiki said.

“This happened for the whole of 2013. As a woman, I tolerated that hoping things would eventually be okay.”

She said the last straw was when Kekana sulked in the middle of their love-making in 2014.

“On that day, I drove him to a rehearsal and some people brought him back home. I later drove some of the visitors home.

When I returned, anyaka morogo (wanted to make love),” she said.

“When we were busy, he stopped and said, ‘Why ompusha?’ (why are you pushing me away?). To which I responded, ‘I didn’t push you, but maybe it’s because you spent the whole year without making love to me, and maybe we are supposed to communicate before we do this thing’.

“He then sulked and stopped. After a few days, he moved out of the house.”

Ntsiki said when Kekana left and told her he wanted out of their 25 years of marriage, she cried with disbelief.

“This is a man I lived with, despite him beating me up at our old house in Pimville, Soweto, a few days before my mother’s funeral. I had to bury my mother with a blue eye,” she said.

Detailing the incident, Ntsiki said an argument had erupted when she asked the singer to stop cheating on her in 1993.

“He accused me of not trusting him and beat me up.”

Ntsiki said Kekana was allegedly involved in extra-marital affairs with three nyatsis.

He had allegedly even brought one of them to their marital home under the pretext that she was his business associate.

“But I suspected there was something fishy because of the way they looked at and talked to each other.”

Ntsiki said the side dish later rented a crowd to heckle her when attending Kekana’s promotional gig in Ladysmith in about 1997.

“When we arrived at the venue, she was standing a few metres away from me with a crowd of women. She then started pointing at me and coaxed them to heckle me.”

She said she took a microphone from musician Babsy Mlangeni and wished Kekana a happy birthday.

“Little did I know this would anger him,” Ntsiki said.

“I asked him what was wrong with a wife wishing her husband a happy birthday publicly, but he blew his top. I then concluded there was something between them.”

She said Kekana also two-timed her in 1997 her with a woman from Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal.

Ntsiki also counted a Spruitview woman among Kekana’s roll-ons.

“He told me he met this woman before he met me and they have a child together, but I discovered later that he continued to see her behind my back and even renovated her house behind my back.”

Ntsiki alleged Kekana was now abusing her financially, following their separation.

“We are married in community of property,” she said. — Sundayworld.co.za

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