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Herd of Wild Elephants Wreak Havoc in Kwekwe

by reporter263

A herd of stray elephants has reportedly been spotted in the outskirts of Kwekwe where they are destroying crops.

Fortune Mpungu Chair, Kwekwe District Civil Protection Unit, stated that rangers of Zibagwe Rural District Council and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), were monitoring the situation.

“A herd if elephants was seen in Ward 1 Mopane Lozzane or Sultanan Areas. “They are reportedly destroying crops and we urge residents to refrain from disturbing these animals.” stated Mr Mpungu.


Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Falao said rangers were at the site.

“Yes, I have the reports. There are rangers who will assess the situation. He stated that they would be able to provide further information after the assessment.


Two elephants were reportedly taken down last year by authorities after a middle age man was seen taking selfies with one among the jumbos.

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