Here is Mnangagwa Succession Plan

The permanent secretary in the Information, Broadcasting and Media Services ministry, Nick Mangwana, has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had a “clear succession plan”.

Mangwana told the Daily News that Mnangagwa was planning to hand over power to a young leader, but not now. He added that Mnangagwa’s recent Cabinet reshuffle was informed by the need to groom young people for the most powerful post in the land. Mangwana said:

He promised the youth that there would be more young people in his government.

But when we talk about his successor it is not about now. Like in any other organisation, a succession plan is a full schedule and the president is infusing youths for them to learn leadership.

This comes amid reports that factionalism is prevalent in the ruling ZANU PF as remnants of the Generation 40 (G40) faction are allegedly pushing to dislodge Mnangagwa from power.

Some also argue that Mnangagwa’s Cabinet reshuffle was meant for ethnic balancing as some ethnic groups, particularly the Zezurus were reportedly complaining about little representation in the government.


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