‘HOKOYO!’ – Jonathan Moyo warns Zimbabweans online

The former minister of information of Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF top spin doctor Jonathan Moyo has warned Zimbabweans who post messages that “incite violence or lawlessness” social media.jonathan-moyo-on-twitter

Moyo twitted: “#Zim Cellular & WiFi service providers whose users are not registered or post msgs that incite violence or lawlessness hokoyo henceforth!”

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@GuniJunior responded to Moyo’s post asking “@ProfJNMoyo why is it if a person thinks differently from what the gvt wants becomes lawless?Let people air their views, thus true democracy”

Another user, @mandikila also responded saying “@ProfJNMoyo you wish there was no social media in Zim only Zbc…??? , u can’t stop or threaten us  all we was is change”

Moyo was was told by @adymunyoro that “no amount of threats will stop a new Zimbabwe… Ngwena haina noise asi inoruma!!! #endgame

@shuestrait said “@ProfJNMoyo try arresting the whole country.. no one is inciting anyone don’t you get it? Ppl are tired!”

Another user said told Moyo that government should let people decide their destiny.


“@ProfJNMoyo freedom of speech. Let pole decide their destiny. You’re only talking about keeping power, not improve lives” twitted @Shamwari1.

Moyo said “Change is a tool of the West. Anywhere you see change you must know that it is the embassies that are responsible.”

He was responding to @spencer_nene who had said “@ProfJNMoyo Its sad indeed!Violence is the only tool of mediation you know! Why not listen to people for a change?Why you so afraid of change.”

This week the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) together with all the telecommunications service providers in Zimbabwe warned users over social media abuse.

Source – Byo24News