Horror as Mugabe’s Police Officer Shackles Elderly Woman to Open Wire Fence

Dear Editor,

This is totally unacceptable Zimbabweans. It’s one thing to just hear these things and it’s another to see evidence of torture! This is from a friend at Zim Rights NGO Forum:

For immediate release: Gutu: Anna Masukangoto from Gutu South under Chief Nyamande is currently under torture as seen in that picture above. One police officer by the name Dzimano Force Number 077907F9 stationed at Chinyika base under Bhasera is allegedly masterminding the torture. ZimRights is reliably informed that Anna is targeted as one of the few residents resisting the construction of a certain church in the wet lands. Lets say NO TO TORTURE. ZimRights will leave no stone unturned on this matter as we fight to uphold our constitution.