How much do you know about Robert Mugabe? – birthday quiz

The Zimbabwean ‘president for life’ celebrates his 91st birthday on Saturday. How closely have you followed his career?

Mugabe quiz

The ageing leader is perhaps one of the most written about heads of state. On the eve of his birthday we test how much you know about Mugabe in 9+1 (10) questions. Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

  1. 11 Feb 1990: Nelson Mandela and wife Winnie, salute well-wishers as he leaves Victor Verster prison after 27 years of imprisonment.1.Like Nelson Mandela, Mugabe was a revolutionary prisoner-turned-president. How long did he spend behind bars?

  2. Grace Mugabe2.Mugabe’s 49-year-old wife, Grace Mugabe, has been tipped to take over his presidency. Why do the national media call her ‘DisGrace’?

  3. A Zimbabwean holds a loaf of bread with the equivilant wad of Zimbabwe dollars3.Mugabe famously said that a country ‘could never go bankrupt’, but in 2008 Zimbabwe’s inflation rate rocketed to absurd heights. At what level did it peak?

  4. Lavish party marks Mugabe's 88th birthday4.Which global leader was accused of plotting military action to overthrow Mugabe?

  5. Grace and Robert Mugabe5.Why did Mugabe and his wife defy an EU travel ban in 2013?

  6. A family of elephants drinking at Big Toms waterhole near Robins camp Hwange national park Zimbabwe6.Animal rights campaigners are unhappy that elephant meat will be served at Mugabe’s 91st bash. The government has been in trouble over the animals before, but why?

  7. LGBT rights7.Mugabe is notoriously homophobic. Which UK-based campaigner once attempted a citizen’s arrest on charges of ‘torture and gay human rights abuses’?

  8.  A man wears a Robert Mugabe mask in Harare8.What is the 21st February Movement?

  9. A search for 'wikileaks' on did a wikileaks cable claim about the president in 2011?

  10. Mugabe memes10.Mugabe became a viral sensation earlier this month after his staff tried, but failed, to suppress a picture of him falling over. How did he react to the incident?