How to Join Zimbabwe National Army


Regular Officer Cadets

Age.18 to 22 years for Advanced level holders
Age. 18 to 24 years for diploma and degree holders
Educational Qualifications. Three Advanced Level passes with a minimum of 6 points. A degree or higher diploma is an added advantage.
Physical Fitness.
Candidates have to pass an officer selection before training.
Members are commissioned by the President on completion of the cadet course

Medical Cadets

Educational Qualifications Candidates accepted for undergraduate degree training by recognized universities are recruited.
Age. Age 18 to 25 years.
Members are commissioned by the President on completion of medical training.

General Duty (GD) Soldier


Age.18 to 22 years
Educational Qualifications. Five Ordinary Level passes, including English Language and Mathematics at Grade ‘C’ or better.
Physical Fitness.
Recruits will undergo 6 months Basic Military Training. They passout as Private soldiers.

Technical/Specialist Personnel.

Age.18 to 30 years
Educational Qualifications.
Potential Officers undergo a 6 months Basic Officers Course (BOC).
They are commissioned on successful completion of the BOC.

General requirements:

Medical: Recruits are to pass a medical examination administered by an Army Medical Officer.

Height and Weight: Average height for candidates is 1.7m. Their weight should be a minimum of 57kgs.

Vetting: Candidates are thoroughly security screened for suitability.


Recruitment into the ZNA is a continuous process. Advertisements for all recruitment categories are placed in the media. Applications are to be forwarded to the following address:

The Army Recruiting Office

P. Bag CY7720


Enclosed in the letter should be a stamped self-addressed envelope, 3 passport size photographs and certified photocopies of the following:

Birth Certificate.
National identity card.
Educational / professional certificates.
Recommendation letter from previous headmaster or community leader.