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Huanted Ba Tea mourns Ginimbi while recounting strange experiences

by reporter263
Ginimbi Ba Tea

Ba Tea, the famous time traveler who foretold Ginimbi’s death, has once again mourned Ginimbi while recounting his strange experiences with ghosts and mermaid spirits. He bemoaned the fact that whilst he was the only one who knew Ginimbi’s fate, there was nothing he could do because he was not God.

Below is his message on facebook.

I try so hard not to think about what befell this young man but ndikazvifunga zveshuwa moyo wangu unotanga kurwadza zvekuti at times ndinosvika pakuda kuchema as im writting this post ndiri kutochema.

I always ask myself kuti why are we here on earth ,why with all the wealth do we face an angel called death.It pains me kuti i was the only person on earth who was shown what was going to transpire accurately yet there was nothing i could do because im not God.The world judged and called me names kusvika pakunzi musatanist and id ask myself kuti why.Having had so many visions since i was young and feeling the spiritual unseen beings around me at first it really frightened me.

I remember this other time when someone asked us kuti tinomuchengetera farmhouse yake patakasvika the first night mumba macho makanga musina chinhu.The house was totally empty but when it got dark takunorara we heard doors being opened takatanga kunzwa mafootsteps.I will never forget those days it was in Chinhoyi ndiro takatanga kunzwa dzichisukwa muimba isina kana chinhu tikaziva kuti maiwe nezvipoko vhudzi rikasvika pakumira.Ropa rakatanga kumhanya and that was the longest night in my life ever.

I remember meeting this lady on facebook and we fell inlove but before she saw me she sent me money that was equivale to 7000Us cash asingatozive pandinogara and she gave me alot of things anogara kuUK.One day as usual as we were talking on the phone pakangoita as if network yadonha ndikanzwa zvakunzi tisvikeiwo with a different voice.In a shock i kept silent zvikanzi tisvikeiwo then i responded ndakati svikai henyu and maspirits akanga ari paari introduced themselves nemutupo as sekuru,muchembere and a mermaid spirit.Ndakarohwa nemibvunzo ndikanhongwa setsono and it took almost an hour ndobva vandiwoneka.Zvakanzi you can drop the phone and call back after 3mins so that you can talk to your girlfrend and i did.I told her after a few days and she said zvinhu zvakanga zviri paari and that zviri pandiri zvihombe.All in her life i was the only person to communicate with her spirits through the phone.


Woman with mermaids spirits are all ive attracted and dated and they have told me things that man never know so i came to understand them.God has made me see the unknown and through those expirience i suffered alot i went through alot mhepo dzaida kundiuraya alot.My visions became so clearer and my fears disappered so i became BaTea.

I feel kuti i should have done more to warn my little brother it got to a point that the warning became so harsh and honestly speaking zviri pandiri ndizvo zvakanyora all those warning posts.Ndakatorohwawo nehama when it happened i was in a state of shock.Eish my heart is so broken right now…

Let me go hangu im feeling so sorry hangu.

Have a good day.May God Bless you All.

Stay Safe.Wear that mask,keep that social distance and always sanitize yourself.

What a Friday



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