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I Did Not Marry For Papers: Says Nigerian Angle Michael Junior

by reporter263

A Nigerian man who was ridiculed for marrying an older white woman has hit back as he is still with his wife close to one and half years later.

Angle Michael Junior said although he got his papers he was still in Nigeria because he was not in it for the papers.
”We have been married for a year and 5 months after a year plus in relationship, I got my papers 6 months ago yet still in Nigeria with my wife, I’m a sailor with a well paid job, if is the paper I would have left Nigeria since.
I love my wife and you all should love your partners too and forget the hatred and love unconditionally.”

His wife, Debby said :”When a person appears in the public limelight, no matter the level, they are always exposed to an element of negativity – the strength & courage is to not be baited or drawn in by peoples lack of common sense, shallowness & keyboard warrior judgement. So, instead I thought I’d try educating those who cannot see past the end of their noses.
Despite my husband having received his papers over 6 months ago, it has been his choice for us to remain here in Nigeria whilst we launch our Foundation which its aimed at changing so many lives here as well as investing in various areas of business. Intact, it is I myself who has benefited the most by being granted my Niger Wife green card which is allowing me the freedom to enjoy this Country.

Whilst I may be a little older than my husband, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Instead of hiding behind wigs, false eyelashes & a wheelbarrow full of make up to the point I look like a completely different person ( many guys I know can relate to this in women), I believe in letting my natural beauty shine through.. So for those shallow minded women who spout negativity & jealously, many of you are the ones who seek out only a rich man or husband to provide for you, yet when the riches start to disappear, you cheat or leave Likewise the shallow minded men who marry a wife for her beauty, yet when it fades you seek out others or some even take side chicks within their marriage. Yet here I am, open to your negativity & narrow mindedness and I can only but smile at your own misgivings.”


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