I still cry when I think of Mugabe’s handshake:Macheso


SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso fondly remembers meeting President Mugabe three years ago and describes the meeting as a priceless moment.

He said he would never forget the day, sometime in 2012, when President Mugabe shook his hand after a performance during commemorations to mark Defence Forces Day at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Baba Sharo (Macheso) could not hold back tears of joy following the honour.

Macheso said although the encounter happened nearly three years ago, it was still fresh in his memory.

Chronicle Showbiz caught up with the Extra Basso after his performance at Jabula Inn in Esigodini over the weekend.

“I never thought I’d meet President Mugabe through music but it was through this craft that I’d the opportunity to shake his hand and have a one on one conversation with him. Every time I think about it, tears well up in my eyes because I think of how far I’ve come and where I’m right now,” said Macheso.

He said he would tell his grandchildren and great grandchildren of this priceless memory.

“What happened (Presidential handshake) showed me that with hard work, one can make it to the top and be recognised by the powers that be. It was a moment to savour in history and one that I’ll share with my children and grandchildren,” said Macheso.

The 2012 encounter

Asked about his fallout with former manager William Tsandukwa, Macheso said there was a season for everything in life and it was time for the two to part ways.

“Like anyone who’s employed, there’s a time for them to leave and that’s what William did. There’s no animosity between him and me because he left of his own accord,” said Macheso.

Tsandukwa was Macheso’s band manager since 1998 when he broke away from his mentor, Nicholas Zakaria. Macheso is now being managed by his nephew, Lasky Macheso.

Turning to his future plans, Baba Sharo said he desperately sought to collaborate with musicians from Bulawayo and the Matabeleland provinces in his next projects.

“I really want to work with Mokis Connection, Ndolwane Super Sounds, Chase Skhuza and Jeys Marabini on different songs. I believe it’s not right for some of us to be in the limelight always while others aren’t being recognised enough. I think if we work together, we can release instant hits,” said Macheso.

He said he was working on a new album to be released by 2016.

“I’ve been hard at work in the studio working on a new album. Its details will be released soon. I’m looking at releasing it at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year,” said Macheso.