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I’m better than you in bed, mistress tells lover’s wife

by reporter263

A 17-year-old girl got a thorough hiding from her boyfriend’s wife after she told her she was better than her in bed which was the reason why her husband was giving her little attention.sex_feet
Silindweyinkosi Ncube (23) from Nkayi under Chief Skhobokhobo’s jurisdiction who could not stomach what she was hearing from her husband’s mistress and let anger get the better of her appeared before Nkayi magistrate Mr Themba Chimiso facing a charge of assault. She pleaded guilty and was fined $50 or 15 days in prison.

Prosecuting, Mr Lister Hove told the court that Ncube lured the girl into a shop where she works last month and questioned her about the alleged affair.

The girl is alleged to have bragged that she was having an affair with the woman’s husband because Ncube was not good in bed while she was satisfying him. This did not go down well with Ncube who took the law into her hands and assaulted the girl.

Ncube told the court that she was happily married but things started to change as her husband started giving and their child less attention and and that was when she started suspecting him of cheating. She said she did not have enough evidence to confront him and remained quiet for sometime while investigating.

It was the State’s case that the minor and Ncube’s husband, Brighton Nkosi were having an affair and were not hiding the relationship. They would be seen at the the shop where Ncube works and that angered her. She then sought a plan to end the affair.

The court further heard that Ncube called the girl to the shop and asked her about her relationship with her husband.


In response, the court was told, the girl told Ncube that she could offer Nkosi what Ncube was failing to offer in bed and Ncube is alleged to have lost her temper, closed the shop door and pounced on the girl with fists.

On her release the girl made a report to the police leading to the arrest of Ncube. In court Ncube pleaded with the magistrate to be lenient with her.

“May the court be lenient with me. I am a woman who could not handle the embarrassment. I have become a laughing stock because of the affair. I assaulted her out of anger and I felt disrespected by the girl when she bragged that she was better than me in bed,” she said.

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