Inside Moira Knight’s world

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LOCAL socialite and musician Moira Sibongile Knight (28), daughter of veteran broadcaster Eric Knight, says she is happy with the significant strides she has made in her music career.

Moira, who is married to Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz (real name Tawanda Mumanyi), says people now know her more as an artiste in her own right than as an artiste’s wife.

She says she is inspired by her mother, Martha Knight, a musician who had built a name before she moved to the United Kingdom (UK).
She also looks up to international artistes Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey as sources of inspiration.

Motherhood, music and modelling

So far, the experience has been one that I cannot describe. It is exhausting, but worth it because of the little man who is entirely dependent on me 24 hours a day and seven days a week. I used to sleep for 10 hours straight, but now I barely get two hours straight.

I have taken some time out to prepare new music while I look after the baby and get some modelling work booked in advance for a couple of months’ time when I am ready to get back on set.

Long-distance marriage

Although my husband is in Zimbabwe and I am in the UK, it is not long distance as such. People think it is a typical long-distance relationship.

I travel a lot because it is necessary. In fact, I was in Zimbabwe recently and flew into the UK just in time to give birth.

I do not always update people about my whereabouts because they tend to talk a lot. Imagine if I told you I flew at eight months pregnant, you would judge me and ask questions.

To be honest, staying in one place means earning less money. And now that there is a baby involved, it is important to cash in.
I make most of my money abroad and as you know, he (Seh Calaz) also makes more during international shows.

The first meeting

We met here in the UK when he first performed here. I was scheduled to interview him. Mind you, I was a television presenter in 2013.

We never cut contact when he returned to Zimbabwe and later on, we made plans to meet again.

Married to fame

Nobody can overshadow me, especially somebody I met when he was still a nobody. To me, he is just Tawanda, that is why I think this relationship has survived a good seven years.

With all due respect, to me he will never be anything more than what I know him to be because I was raised by public figures.

Therefore, I just see his popularity as his work, and content that I will show our son when he is older.

He does not play a role in my music career because, like I said earlier, I was in the entertainment circles before I even met him.

Everyday pleasures

Aside from being Moira Knight, I am quite a normal person. I am a shopaholic. I enjoy cooking and reading books to free my mind a little, that is if the baby will allow me to do so now.

During a bad day, I eat a lot of junk food.-AMH

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