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Jah Love booed, Tocky cries foul


Star FM’s Dancehall Remedy second anniversary held at the Exhibition Park’s Nelson Mandela Hall shall be remembered as the show that rearranged the Zim Dancehall hierarchy.

The gig that doubled as Godfatha Templeman’s 36th birthday celebrations was marked by jaw dropping surprises as Soul Jah Love was booed off stage, Tocky Vibes abandoned his act within two minutes while Seh Calaz emerged the ultimate victor.

Little-known artistes did a splendid job in warming up the stage before the real drama unfolded at midnight when it was time for the industry’s big guns.

After a splendid performance by Killer T, Soul Jah Love made a grand entrance on stage.

“Chibaba Chacho” as he is fondly known was an immediate hit and as usual he had an entire army with him.

Soul Jah Love who is not usually active on stage had the help of his dancers who exhibited their brilliance in “ghetto clucks”.


However, 15 minutes into the act, his performance became a drab with his dancers visibly tired.

This prompted fans to wave at them, indicating they had to leave the stage. It was at that moment that Soul Jah Love unleashed his hit song “Ndini Uya Uya” but his efforts proved fruitless as fans continued to wave them off.

Upon realising his fate “Chibaba Chacho” immediately abandoned ship.

The party was not over yet as Godfatha Templeman came on stage for the first time, hyping the show for Tocky Vibes.

Oddly enough, this time the “Mhai” hitmaker did not go all out with his weird costumes. Clad in a pair of blue jeans and black tee shirt, he thrilled with his entry song “Tocky Aenda Nenyika”.

Less than a minute into his act, there was a technical fault with his sound system. Without investigating the fault, he bolted off stage and made his way out of the venue.

Godfatha Templeman was swift to react, reviving the machines before running after the lad.

Upon being persuaded to return, Tocky Vibes claimed sound engineers were sabotaging.

“Handiti murikuzviona. Vemapepa vozotanga kunyora zvisizvo. (Now you see what is happening here? You will see them writing lies in newspapers),” he said before continuing with his act for a few seconds before the sound system started acting up again.

It happened four times and organisers persuaded Tocky Vibes until they gave up. Contrary to his sabotage theory, it turned out his laptop was faulty according to organisers.

“There was nothing wrong with our sound system. When the faults started we investigated, only to realise the problem was with his deejay’s laptop. Their cables were faulty that is the reason why only their act was marred by those technical glitches,” said Godfatha Templeman.

“We actually reserved him for the peak of our show and we did our best, warming the stage each time before he returned. There was no sabotage at all,” he said.

Tocky Vibes’ absence was not missed as the surprise guest Seh Calaz rose to the occasion much to the amusement of the crowd.

The “Mabhanditi” boss was recalled on stage countless times. The night belonged to Seh Calaz as he continued to rock the crowd.

The show exposed contenders to the king of the dancehall throne in the form of rising stars Terminator, Platinum Prince and Magical.

Quonfused, Ricky Fire, Game Recognise Game, Dhadza D also gave splendid performances. Star FM was commended for putting up a well organised peaceful dancehall show.

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