Jah Prayzah band member escapes jail

JAH Prayzah’s backing vocalist Darlington “Dadza” Kamukono has been acquitted of stealing and assaulting fellow band member.

The 28-year-old’s case was heard before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove and he was charged with theft and assault.

Dadza was acquitted on the condition there was no adequate evidence pertaining to the accusations that were laid against him by his fellow band member, Kudzai Tembo.

The court also proved that there was no independent witness among all those who testified and Kudzai was making frantic efforts to silence his workmate, therefore they found him not guilty.

It was alleged that on June 26 at Extra Mile Leisure Centre, Dadza had a misunderstanding with Kudzai Tembo after an accident as Tembo was reversing his car.

The pair is said to have argued which led to a fist fight, it was alleged.


Further allegations are that Dadza went on to steal Kudzai’s wallet which had US$80 and a driver’s licence and nothing was recovered.

Vincent Chikerema appeared for the state.-H-metro