Jah Prayzah speaks out on his rivalry with Winky D

As music superstar Jah Prayzah celebrated his birthday, one of the questions that fans wanted clarity on was his supposed feud and rivalry with fellow young music titan Winky D. The two have over the past two years elevated themselves into perhaps the biggest artistes in the country as they, unlike some of their peers, pack venues across the country.

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A hallmark of their dominance of the local scene has been the periodical joint shows by the two which however, have failed to quell persistent rumours that behind the scenes, they are at each other’ throats. The rumours gathered steam last year, during PSI’s circumcision drive. PSI had fired musician celebrities such as Winky D, Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu to be ambassadors of the initiative. Before involving Jah Prayzah and  Chimbeu in its campaign, Winky D was the only musician who was being  used in the exercise.

It was after the inclusion of Jah Prayzah in the PSI male circumcision celebrity  campaign that Winky D suddenly became too ‘committed’ for the exercise, beginning to turn down several invitations. This week the Eriza hit maker was moved to clarify his relationship with Winky D. Jah Prayzah also acknowledged that some of the lyrics of songs between the two often seemed like thinly veiled insults towards the other, although this was not the case in real life.

“There really is no truth to the rumours that Winky D and I are fighting each other. He is someone who I work very well with and that is shown in the shows that we have held together. Sometimes the lyrics in songs are just coincidental and seem aimed at a particular person and people put two together and conclude there is a feud when that is not the case,” he said.

Jah Prayzah ha over  the past month been on a drive to spread the gospel about the release of his much-anticipated album which is set for extravagant launches in Bulawayo and Harare next month at the HICC and City Hall. As if to stoke up excitement for the album by suggesting collaboration between the two Prayzah said that his next project would lay to rest debate of a feud between him and Ninja President. “After the release of the album next month, all the talk of a war will come to an end,” he said jovially.

Source-H Metro