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Jailed Linda Masarira Chikurubi Maximum Prison Horror

by reporter263

Lawyer Jacob Mafume visited Activist Linda Masarira at Chikurubi Prison. This is how he saw the situation. “I went to see Linda who is in solitary confinement at the main male prison but in her own section with female guards, three of them . They sounded friendly enough and on good terms with her. I asked her if she was alright and whether we should try have her moved back to the female prison . She felt that she was better off there for now, as she stated if she went back to the other section she would not be able to be silent about abuses and beatings that go on there in the general population.

Linda in JailShe told me a disturbing story that the political prisoners in the female general population had been beaten and some could not walk.

I suggested to her that they might have been beaten before they came in and she said no they were beaten in the cells by the guards . She ventured that if she went there she would have no option but to raise a stink and loud complainants over the issue.

She then asked for food –marcaroni cheese with meatballs from Pick and Pay , apples , bananas, Ceres passion fruit –her point being since I had come it had to be memorable. I drove to Pick and Pay and bought her the delights.

Her lawyers ZLHR are making all sorts of applications in the High Court now to have her released . On the way to see her I also saw Yvonne wrongly convicted in the Glen View case , she was bubbly as ever amid a group of women protestors of all ages who had been detained.

They were up-beat and were receiving food , unfortunately there was too much kapenta fish or matemba, which save for nostalgic reasons no –one really likes . So there is
an enterprising prison warden who sells full chickens just outside the fence , so they asked for a whole roasted chicken for lunch which I was happy to buy . A round of thank yous rose to the sky and I said no really thank you for being in jail on our behalf.


I then saw Last but certainly not least who was in leg irons but in upbeat mood . He is of a
more thoughtful disposition and did not ask for food but for motivational books to read while in prison to occupy his time . I again promised to bring the books I hope not too many as he would think I am suggesting that he will be in for a long time .It’s the little I could do today .

Anyone who can help please do so .The place looks and feels like a dungeon, a colonial
style prison meant to break your spirit not rehabilitate .There are no radios or television ,just one huge nothingness punctuated by the commands of the guards and subdued
conversations of the prisoners.

The males prisoners have a welcome break during Sundays where they fantasize about the pious choir girls or women who come to sing along with the preachers who come to try and save the supposedly wretched souls of the prisoners.-Online

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