Jealous ex-lover sleeps on doorstep to deter rival suitors

A woman yesterday told the Harare Civil Court that her ex-lover was in the habit of sleeping at her doorstep every night to prevent her boyfriends from visiting. Consider Muchechetere claimed Costa Gwebe was also in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her whenever he comes to her house.

Muchechetere was seeking a protection order against Gwebe for breaching her peace.

“He comes to my house at night forcing me to open the door for him and if I refuse, he sleeps at the doorstep saying he wanted to fix my boyfriends,” she said.

Muchechetere told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that she ran away from their matrimonial home because Gwebe was in the habit of physically abusing her over petty issues.

“I want this court to bar him from coming to my house because he is breaching my peace and embarrassing me,” said Muchechetere.

Gwebe denied the allegations saying he caught Muchechetere four times with a boyfriend in their matrimonial bedroom.


“She is lying just to please this honourable court to grant her application. We used to have problems because she was having extra marital affairs,” he said.

Gwebe claimed Muchechetere was also in the habit of going out for parties with her boyfriends leaving their minor child unattended.

Mr Nyatsanza granted the application in Muchechetere’s favour which barred Gwebe from physically and verbally abusing her.

He also ordered Gwebe to keep peace towards Muchechetere at all times.