Jilted lover defecates at ex-girlfriend’s doorstep
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Jilted lover defecates at ex-girlfriend’s doorstep

A jilted man defecated at his ex-girlfriend’s doorstep in protest over her decision to reunite with her husband, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday. Beauty Mapungure claimed Christopher Marapara once attempted to stab her with a knife for reuniting with her husband. Mapangure was seeking a protection order against Marapara whom she was accusing of trying to ruin her marriage. “This man is abusing me everyday.

 “At one point he came to my place of residence and tried to stab me with an okapi knife before defecating on my doorstep,” she said.

Magistrate Mrs Babra Masinire granted the protection order in default which barred Marapara from verbally or physically abusing Mapungure.

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