Jilted man throws self at moving bus, dies
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Jilted man throws self at moving bus, dies

A JILTED Gweru man who could not stomach being ditched by his live-in girlfriend committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a moving bus on Friday night, police have confirmed.The incident occurred at about 7PM at Total Service Station near Clonsilla in Gweru.

The man identified as Jonathan Benjamin of 43 Harare Road, Christmas Gift Low density suburb, threw himself in front of a bus which was heading to the city centre.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

He said they were still investigating the matter.

“We’re investigating a case of sudden death of a man who was run over by a bus along the Gweru-Harare road near Total Service Station.

Preliminary investigations indicate that he emerged from the side of the road and was hit by a bus which was heading towards Gweru City Centre,” said the Midlands police spokesperson.

However, eyewitnesses said Benjamin and his live-in girlfriend only identified as Yvette had a fight after the woman had dumped him for another man.

“Benjamin was a tenant at the house owned by his estranged girlfriend’s mother. He was staying with his wife and the two separated after she discovered that Benjamin was seeing the landlady’s daughter behind her back. Benjamin moved in with Yvette and the two were staying together at the same house.

On Friday, the two had an altercation after Benjamin was dragged to court for maintenance by his ex-wife.

Yvette told Benjamin that she was no longer interested in him and wanted to terminate the relationship,” said a tenant who refused to be named.

The tenant said following the misunderstanding, Benjamin left the house in a huff and walked towards the Gweru-Harare Highway where he threw himself in front of an oncoming bus.

“Benjamin was hit by the bus and was crushed to pieces. His body was reduced to pieces and his remains had to be put in plastic bags.
“Yvette came to the road shouting and mocking the   dead Benjamin for taking his own life over a woman,”  said the tenant.


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